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MBA in Leadership

Leadership Professional Certification Course™

The roles of Certified MBA in Leadership™ Professionals are required in all levels in their organizations. In the top levels, they are responsible for getting cooperation in formulation of plans, policies, mission, short term and long terms business objectives. In the middle and lower levels, they are required for interpretation and execution of plans and programs framed by the top management. MBA Leadership™ Professionals coordinate the efforts of their people towards a common purpose and thereby achieve organizational objectives. Certified MBA in Leadership™ Professionals encourage and build consensus among all career levels in their enterprises.

Certified MBA in Leadership™ Professionals exhibit 3E aptitudes: Edge, Energy and Energize. With their competence, they bring the “Edge” to execute their businesses. With their unprecedented enthusiasm and tireless positive attitudes, they bring the “Energy” to excel their businesses. They are able to “Energize” their people, so their people are able to use their utmost potentials to contribute daily and long term business challenges, and grow in their own careers.

Certified MBA in Leadership™ Professionals represent their enterprises. They make sure that the rationales and mission of their organizations are appropriately represented and communicated in public.

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